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North Bay Tennis offers a range of youth tennis programs targeting players with any starting ability, coordination, and fitness level. The sport of tennis offers many benefits both physically and mentally that not only are transferrable to other sports but also provide a foundation of skills that will inspire participants to remain active for life. 

Please browse our programs below - contact us for more information!


Summer camp is a great way to get acquainted with the sport of tennis. Half day programs offer sport specific training and match play, in addition to varying physical activities, challenges, and games of low organization. Equipment is provided; campers must only bring their own food, beverages, sun protection, and outdoor running/court shoes. Camp runs rain or shine as we will relocate to the curling arena in the event that there is inclement weather. 





July 4th to 7th*  | Ages 4 - 6

July 4th to 7th*  | Ages 7 - 12

July 10th to 14th  | Ages 7 - 10

July 17th to 21st  | Ages 9 - 12 

July 25th to 28th*  | Ages 8 - 14 

 July 31st to August 4th  | Ages 7 - 10 

August 8th to 11th* | Ages 8 - 12

August 8th to 11th* | Ages 4 - 7

August 14th to 18th  | Ages 4 - 12

Tennis Specific

Pickleball Specific

Tennis Specific

Tennis Specific

Advanced Tennis

Tennis Specific

Tennis Specific

Pickleball Specific

Tennis Specific

Camp Fee = $124.44 + HST

*Shortened week due to holiday - Revised Fees: $106.08 + HST

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