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We currently have two dedicated pickleball courts that are fully lit for night time play. More information on 2023 events, programs and lessons to come!



Pickleball 101

Learn the basics and start playing!

Discover the exciting world of pickleball 101! This novice friendly program is perfect for anyone who has never played the game before. In just two sessions, each two hours long, you will learn all of the fundamentals needed to jump into pickleball and start having fun on the court.

By the end of Pickleball 101, you will have the skills and knowledge to start playing pickleball with confidence. So grab a paddle and get ready to experience the thrill of this fast-paced and highly addictive spot. Don't miss your opportunity to have lots of fun and learn the basics.


Group 1: June 5th and June 12th 

Group 2: June 19th and June 26th 

Group 3: July 3rd and July 10th

Group 4: July 17th and July 24th

Shot of the Week 

Ready to take your pickleball game to the next level?

Join our exciting ‘Shot of the Week’ pickleball clinic! This dynamic clinic is designed to help you work on specific shots and improve your overall game. Each week, our coach will focus on a different shot, providing personalized instruction and feedback to help you master it. Whether you are looking to perfect your serve, nail that tricky backhand or dominate with powerful volleys, this clinic is your ticket to success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to sharpen your skills, boost your confidence and become a formidable force on the court. Sign up today to get ready to unleash your full potential. We will have different dates for novice and intermediate players. 


Serve and Return (Novice) June 3rd

The Drop Shot (Intermediate) June 10th 

The Dink (Novice) June 17th 

Dink with Purpose (Intermediate) July 8th

Drilling Sessions 

Looking to enhance your pickleball skills and elevate your game to the next level?

The Pickleball Drilling Sessions are focused on improving consistency and overall performance! The intensive session is designed to provide players with targeted drills and exercises aimed at enhancing their control, accuracy and shot consistency. Our Pickleball Pro will guide you through a series of purposeful drills, focusing on key aspects such as dinking, third shot drops, volleys and groundstrokes. With a strong emphasis on repetition and skill refinement, this drill session is the perfect opportunity to fine tune your game and develop the muscle memory needed for consistent and reliable play. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a more formidable player on the court. Sign up now to unleash your full potential. We will have different dates for novice and intermediate players.


Novice June 4th 

Intermediate June 11th 

Novice June 18th 

Intermediate July 9th 

Novice July 23rd

Intermediate July 30th

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