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Image by Alvan Nee

North Bay Tennis offers adult programs for both beginners and experienced tennis players. These programs are aimed at developing your skills with a goal of becoming technically and tactically prepared for league and/or social play.

All programs are instructed by our Tennis Professional, Fransua Rachmann.

Please browse our programs below - contact us for more information!

2024 Program runs May 6th to June 17th   
*No session on May 20th

Adults that are new to the sport of tennis or are looking to re-visit fundamental skills after a long hiatus are encouraged to enroll in our 6-week Tennis 101 program. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to play a full match of tennis and explore club leagues, social events, and other programs. 


Limited availability



Monday 6pm - 7:30pm

Member Fee = $70.00 + HST

Non-Member Fee = $112.00 + HST (Guest fee of $6/day)


If you are an adult looking to advance your skills through weekly instruction, this 6-week program is for you! Each week will have a different focus including; forehand, backhand, volley, serve, singles tactics, and double tactics. You may register for the entire 6-week package or register for individual sessions. 

2024 Program runs May 7th to June 11th


Limited availability

Member Fee = $65.00 + HST/6 WKS.  $13.00 + HST/SESSION

Non-Member Fee = $107.00+HST/6 WKS.  $19.00+HST/SESSION 

(Guest fee of $6/day)

Tuesday 7pm - 8pm

2024 Schedule:
May 7th: Forehand 
May 14th: Backhand
May 21st: Serve
May 28th: Volley
June 4th: Lobs and Overheads
June 11th: Slice and Dropshots

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